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January 11, 2008
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I've been feeling pretty musically creative the past week. This was done on another whim. The recorded version was the first performance, so it was improv. Nothing too complicated was in the piece.

I've called it "Shiver, Tremble, and Cry" because that's the feeling I get when I listen to this. I shiver because it gives me a chill, probably from the alienating effect the music gives off. And I tremble as well. I like the sound of shiver and tremble. Say them aloud with their meaning in mind. It's almost like onomatopoeia but in some different sense; for me, it's like I can feel the meaning of the word when I say it or think about it.

And so, the piece overall is melancholy, and that is why I included "Cry" at the end.

Instrument: Piano
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yueten Sep 17, 2012
i need some help figuring out how to upload a sound file, i just composed a piece last night called from melody to melancholy and i have no idea how to post it :T
I don't know whether deviantArt allows people to upload music files directly. What I did when I made these was I put the recording of the audio into Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash) and made a little interface for playing and stopping the audio, and uploaded the flash file, which deviantArt does accept.

There may be other ways to get around that difficulty, but I've never really thought about it. Sorry if that doesn't help.
Animalpoet Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
sounds great!!
but it makes me gloomy
Beautiful. Yes, it indeed does give off a melancholy feel. But I still like it, it's nice, and calm, and peaceful.
Great job.^^
This is so great... I'm in feeling of a bit sad after some operation and lonely.... This song is fitted with me now... Thanks god for finding this song... :happycry:
that's amazing. songs like these are the reason i should have played the piano instead of flute.
Lol thanks. Yes piano is pretty awesome; I'm not gonna lie. :XD:
I've been horrid at giving comments lately, so it's hard to adequately express just how envious it is to be able to play a piece like that improv. Copious amounts of positive-envy!
On an emo note, I think I can totally sympathize with the mood on this one. XD Or at least the part of me tethered to the empty shell that is PAWS now can.
Lol envy is the root of something, according to the latest Monk episode. :XD: I loved that episode; did you see it? Anyway, I've been wanting to continue working on the PAWS restructuring, but I'm so unsure about the technical details that may already be established and I don't know about to the point where I'm too shy to do anything except wait until Wes posts a new name for Toxic. :XD:
Maybe. Did it have something to do with his shrink (Dr. Kruger or something?) and another patient? I mean, that could be any number of them, but it sounds familiar.

I have a friggin awesome idea for a Toxic rename... And a way to throw the points contest into a sudden death round.
Whoa. I was going to say some sort of writing competition (involving transporting PAWS characters into a totally different setting or writing a super-ultimate-mysterious-dramatic plot piece) but pitting you all against each other in a (literal) battle to the death would be much more fun. YES!
Which would you pick?
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